Michael Stahl is a freelance journalist, writer and editor based in Queens, New York, and the co-author of the upcoming book Big Sexy: Bartolo Colón In His Own Words, published by Abrams Books.

Michael is also a business and technology reporter for the Brooklyn Eagle, as well as a features editor and layout manager at Narratively, where he has contributed over two dozen articles and personal essays. A former staff writer at, where he covered wellness, Michael has also written for the likes of Rolling Stone, Vice, Vulture, CityLab, the Village Voice, Huffington Post, Quartz, Outside Magazine, amNew York, The Queens Tribune, and many more online and print publications. He has covered the arts and culture, sports,  psychology, history, politics, health, relationships, business, real estate, and other topics.

Finally, Michael has written dynamic web content for a number of clients, including State Farm, Tropicana, Arm & Hammer, Con Edison, Libman, and plenty more. He has a background in education, and experience in digital and social media marketing as well.

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Michael was my head editor for a fifteen part series with Narratively. I was a new journalist with little industry experience. During the six month series Michael worked tirelessly to edit my work and prepare each article for publication. It was an amazing experience being on Michael’s team. His work made our series a success.
— Reese Wells, Keys to Freeze

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